Your Step-by-Step Guide to Car Leasing

by William

In today’s fast-paced world where everybody has his schedule to follow, having a car of one’s grants a certain sense of freedom. Once, you have decided that you want a car, you are faced with two options whether to buy it or lease it. Buying a car may have its benefits but not everyone can afford it. On the other hand, leasing has its benefits too. Especially if you are a person who gets bored quickly and wants a new set of wheels every few years or so, leasing is for you. Moreover, car lease NYC has the added benefit of costing you less in terms of monthly payments. In short, you get to drive the car in its best years and can easily change it once you get bored or the car starts to demand additional maintenance.

Once you are all set on leasing a car, the question arises how does it work? You need not worry though, we have provided a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process.

  • The initial step is to select a car. You must have a few options on your mind, narrow them down by researching their pros and cons. It is better to select an option that fulfils your aesthetic and practical needs. Rising prices of gas warrant a fuel consumption check.
  • Next, make an estimate of your driving requirements and how much will you drive in a year. A specific mileage is set for the car to be leased. It is better to have an educated guess.
  • Consider the length of the leasing agreement. Decide if you want the car for 2,3 or more years.
  • Select a dealership and visit. VIP auto lease is a good place to start.
  • It is better to test drive the desired car to get a feel of the actual vehicle.
  • Ask the dealership about specific deals and options on the car.
  • It is however better to visit multiple dealerships and get quotes to make an informed decision. The quote should include all the factors plus the residual value of the car.
  • Now compare all the offers. Study them deeply. A car lease expenses are much more than the monthly payments. Compare the residual value of the car offered by multiple dealerships.
  • Narrow the options down to the best two. Go to the dealerships and negotiate. You can negotiate on the price of the car, monthly rent as well as the other terms of the agreement.
  • Select the dealership that gives you the best offer.
  • Inquire about the penalties you have to pay in case exceeding the mileage limit.
  • Also, check-in the maintenance requirements and rules regarding the premature termination of the lease.
  • Go through the final terms again and seal the deal upon satisfaction.

Don’t forget to check in on the insurance details. The dealerships will likely offer you maintenance programs, it is better to judge them before signing up for they usually cost much more.

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