Why Warm up the Engine?

by William

With the advent of cold weather on the streets, you can see a familiar picture for many. Motorists are warming up the engines of their iron horses.

Do I need to warm up the engine and how to do it correctly? It may seem not important enough to warm up your engine regularly, especially in the winter season but below mentioned reasons will tell you how crucial it is.

Most hardened car owners believe that even in a slight frost, you need to warm up the engine for at least 10 – 15 minutes in order to avoid premature wear.

In fact, this is a delusion. As practice shows, a “cold” engine wears out exactly as much as a warm one, but by warming up the engine, you quickly disable the gas filter and spark plugs. Not to mention how much gasoline is just thrown into the atmosphere.

The engines of older models of cars need to be warmed up, but no more than two or three minutes. After that, the engine warms up perfectly while driving, the main thing is not to overload it in the first ten minutes.

The rapid growth of technology allows new brands of cars to start on a “cold” engine. All this is thanks to the electronically controlled injection system. The system independently fixes the parameters of the motor and, if necessary, is adjusted.

Not warmed-up engines should also not be heavily loaded in the first few minutes. If you do not accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in 10 seconds, your engine will work perfectly for a long time, and the gas filter and spark plugs will not require replacement longer. You will save gasoline, and most importantly, less toxic combustion products will enter the atmosphere and your lungs.

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