Peugeot 308 – A Review

by William

We drive it daily, jostling in traffic jams and filling the trunk with all sorts of household items. In other words, the car lives an ordinary urban office-home life. So we would have ridden further from home to work, but one fine day, someone very well-mannered and intelligent scratched the front right fender of our test subject. Of course, insurance companies do not exist in vain, but the sediment, as they say, remains.

In the process of “training” our “lion”, the right deflector from the “holy trinity” on the center console died for a long time. The flow control bar hung lifelessly. Either we overdid it in the struggle for climatic comfort, or the plastic turned out to be not too strong. In any case, nothing more serious to complain about happened. As before, we experience children’s delight from the number of storage boxes and trays in the cabin. Anything can be hidden and lost, from a phone to an A4 folder.

From the point of view of the family universal, we put the 308th solid “five”. Despite not having the largest dimensions of the car, as many as 40 m of plastic water pipes climbed into the cabin, and we are ready to repeat this trick again if readers have doubts about our honesty.

As usual, getting used to each other does not happen immediately, time must pass. In the process of mutual grinding, details that previously seemed insignificant become more significant, and this fully applies to adaptation to the car. It has already been said about the not-very intelligible gearbox drive, about the inconvenient adjustment of the inclination of the seatbacks and the unsuccessful location of the mirrors. Now we have paid attention to other details, such as the non-Russified on-board computer, which greatly reduced the number of functions. In more expensive configurations, there are many functions in it, and it will be difficult for a person who, for some reason, does not know any of the eight proposed European languages. Moreover, the owner will also be offended, because then he will not be able to experience the joy of communicating with the car and will be angry with himself for the money spent.

In the last month, “crickets” started up in the cabin. They live in the area of ​​the middle pillar and do not negotiate, no matter how much we try to get rid of them. But this is not something negative, but a normal addictive process. Something like the first six months after the wedding. It turns out that your other half’s left leg twitches at night, but you don’t stop loving it.

We plan to send our ward on a trip in order to find out how good he is at long-distance voyages.

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