Modified Lamborghini Aventador By Oakley Design

by William

The Lamborghini Aventador has a starting MSRP price of $375k and it’s mind-blowing that a tuning Company has already bought and modified one!  Oakley Design out of Europe is the first Tuner in the world to present a modified Lamborghini Aventador.  They say only 5 fully tuned models will be available to the public at what price I have no idea.  Really this car is not even on the market.  Yet Oakley Design somehow scored and modified a Lamborghini Aventador which they dubbed the LP760-2 which I’ll explain soon.  But how do you tune a supercar?  With even more power and a strict diet that’s the Oakley design way.

In an effort to shave weight; Oakley design robs the Aventador on its all-wheel drive. May sound crazy but many tuners have gone this route before.  Forged Alloy wheels were developed by HRE save 8lbs. at each corner, you know less rolling resistance.   Combine the extra-light wheels, with the removal of the front differential; add in a super light weight titanium exhaust and the grand total for weight loss is over 217 pounds. Now the stock Lamborghini Aventador is dubbed the LP700-4 which stands for 700 horsepower and 4-wheel drive.

 The Oakley Design version is dubbed the LP-760-2.  So yes the 760 represents horsepower and the 2 means two-wheel drive.  Power mods come in the form of a trick titanium intake and exhaust.  Then the car gets a retune.  The result is 760 HP and 550 lb-ft. of torque.  Top Speed should also be increased to over 220 MPH with 0-60 times dropping below 2.8 seconds!

As far as aerodynamics is concerned, the Lamborghini Aventador gets all kinds of cool carbon fiber parts that have been developed in a wind tunnel.  Most of the pieces are there to help cool the modified Lamborghini Aventador V-12 engine.  The rear diffuser and spoilers help with high speed handling.   As you can see from the photos the Oakley Design Aventador has tons of trick parts.  Check out the carbon fiber mirrors and black carbon roof.  Owning a modified Lamborghini Aventador is pure excess in my book but also so cool!

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