Mercedes AMG GTS and Bentley

by William

The sports car of Mercedes-Benz receives a cosmetic kit and mechanical processing that can make them achieve outstanding performance. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the Mercedes-AMG GT make this extraordinary ideal car for more power and aerodynamic upgrades, as pointed out by the last work signed by the preparer Piecha, capable of turning the coaches in Stuttgart in a fireball from well 612 hp.

Aesthetically-aerodynamically, the car gains a series of carbon fiber components, among which we find a special front splitter combined with air vents magazines, skirts side newly designed alloy wheels 19-inch front and 20 inches at the rear. The scenic effect is completed by a puller Rear particularly complex and a large wing Aerodynamics Adjustable to be added to the spoiler removable offered as standard.

The most interesting part of this work of “transformation”, however, hides under the long bonnet of the car, where we find the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo brought from the original 510 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque to a height of 612 hp and 620 lb-ft of torque. Thank power injection Mercedes AMG GT S by Piecha sprints from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 205 MPH.

Moving on to Bentley

Dynamic than ever is the current generation of so-Bentley. A further premium on the athleticism of the sports car owner can now pick up at the luxury-tuning company, ANDERSON GERMANY. Whether as a converted version or standard, the Bentley GT Super Sports is certainly not the cheapest car in the luxury market but ranked in the popularity stakes very high. In the halls of Anderson GERMANY took this as an opportunity to establish a somewhat more elaborate tuning program for the Bentley.

The devilish-gray satin ANDERSON GERMANY hog is implanted first, a whole lot more power. Thanks to software optimization, a fold-controlled sport exhaust system (Gewichterparnis of 17 kg) including Rennkats and sport air filter, in this case, the serial output rises from 630 hp to 695 hp spectacular.

The sporty line emphasizes the tuner means of exclusive body kits, to find a front and rear apron, a diffuser includes matching side skirts and a rear spoiler. This is limited to 300pcs., Has carbon deposits and is also suitable for the models GT, GT Convertible, and GT Speed.

As suitable footwear built ANDERSON GERMANY exclusive 3-piece light-alloy rims in 10×22 inch, which are painted in black gloss and are equipped with high-performance tires in size 285/30-22 all around.

As if all this is not enough the passenger compartment was grafted. Thus we find a carbon interior package consisting of decorative trim, center console, front and rear, and interior lighting produced in a coal-setters border. This fine Alcantara in combination with black leather and Kederrand in body color. What more could you want?

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