Ford Mustang SR-71 Airforce One

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It is a collaboration that existed as never before. The two muscle car and tuning luminaries Carroll Shelby and Jack Roush designed for a very special project for the first time together hand in a car. came together with Ford, this grim-looking, 519-hp Stealth bomber named SR-71 Mustang. Despite all the joy to fans of the pony cars are now quite strong, because the black-white-red powerhouse is unique, which on 29 July 2010 for the very little sum of 375,000 dollars was auctioned for charity.

Model SR-71 “Blackbird”

Is inspired by a prominent hand-crafted and Roush plant in Livonia, Michigan-built Mustang from the legendary U.S. Air Force long-range aircraft, Lockheed Martin SR-71 “Blackbird”, which is considered the most advanced and unique aircraft of all time and still all official records for top speed and altitude hold. And we are talking about, mind of an aircraft born in 1964! How fitting that this year also falls in the birth of the Ford Mustang and the SR in their name with the initials of the builders (S for Shelby, Roush R) again supported wonderful.

Model for the SR-71 Mustang is the legendary U.S. Airforce aircraft Lockheed Martin SR-71 “Blackbird”. The black and silver and red paint is inspired by the look of the record-breaking aircraft.
Best ingredients for the unique

To meet the special position of the flying idol justice, for the SR-71 Mustang are obviously very special part of the question. The power is the new 5-liter aluminum V8 that makes 418 hp with its already in the 2011er Mustang GT for brute performance. Where it says Shelby and Roush, Shelby and Roush, however, is also stuck in there, so raising a Ford Racing Roush Intake Compressor with the performance of the high-flyer on proppers 519 HP. Also from Ford Racing are racing exhaust system and suspension. Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) controls in the custom wheels, measure the front 19 and rear 20 inches. For aerodynamic fine-tuning options include a new front spoiler and a rear wing. External become unmistakably the SR-71 by the “Black Bird” reminds painting including glass roof with a unique graphic ornamentation. The interior stands out of India as by a roll cage, by Carroll Shelby and Jack Roush autographed RECARO, the elimination of the back seat, a newly designed racing steering wheel and many other individual features of its series brethren.

The unique fighter Mustang was auctioned off at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the world’s largest air show for private planes. The proceeds will go to the “Young Eagles”, an organization that children between 8 and 17 years is the opportunity to fly free, but financially needy engages in aviation training, under the arms. Ford supports the “Young Eagles” since more than 15 years. For three years, will also be auctioned unique items such as the RS-71 Mustang, which could save over a million dollars.
The tuning legend Carroll Shelby, Jack Roush Ford worked the SR-71 Mustang for the first time together with. The 519-hp car was sold for a good cause and redeemed $ 375,00

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